Robert Perchan was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and grew up there.  Educated in the best modern fashion at Duke and Ohio Universities, he taught for the U.S. Navy’s Program for Afloat College Education (PACE) on ships deployed in Rota, Spain, the Mediterranean Sea and the Western Pacific Ocean before moving, in his words, “onward and awkward.”   His poems, stories and essays have appeared in scores of literary journals in the USA and abroad and a number of them have been included in anthologies published by Dell, Black Sparrow, City Lights and Global City Press.  His avant-la-lettre flash novel Perchan’s Chorea: Eros and Exile (Watermark Press, Wichita, 1991) was translated into French and published by Quidam Editeurs (Meudon) in 2002.  His poetry collection Fluid in Darkness, Frozen in Light won the 1999 Pearl Poetry Prize and was published by Pearl Editions the following year.  More recently his poetry chapbooks Overdressed to Kill and Mythic Instinct Afternoon were winners of the 2005 Weldon Kees Poetry Chapbook Prize (Backwaters Press, Omaha) and the 2005 Poetry West Press Poetry Chapbook Prize (Colorado Springs) respectively and were brought out the next year.  In addition, he was awarded the on-line Entelechy: Mind and Culture Bio-fiction Prize for 2007.  As an academic he advocates lucid, jargon-free prose and has published articles on Robert Frost, William Faulkner and Graham Greene.  He currently resides in Pusan, South Korea.




I write because it is one of the few things I can do with complete impunity in my present circumstances.  I am imprisoned in Pusan, South Korea, serving a life sentence for impersonating an English teacher.  My cell is roomy enough and I have satellite tv and a computer with an internet connection and Wi-Fi too.  I am permitted conjugal visits from my Korean consort and I can even walk across the yard and conjugate with her in her cell.  I have imaginary lovers and am allowed to entertain them shamelessly if you-know-who is not around.  I drive a silver-pearl Daewoo G2X roadster and have commissary privileges with E-Mart, Costco and both Lotte and Shinsegae Department Stores, to say nothing of the local mini-marts, post office branches and ex-pat bars.  I can leave the country under uxorial supervision and have visited Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, etc., and quite a chunk of Europe to boot.  When friends or family members die I am at liberty to travel to the United States to mourn them.  I am not, however, free to see any women other than the Aforementioned Angel.  I chafe against this restriction while at the same time I know it is for my own good.  It is part of the rehabilitation process and I am thankful for the Honor System in which I am now enrolled.  It is from these experiences and these alone that I draw inspiration for my poems, stories and other exuberances.  If you are a person generous of heart – or even a reasonable facsimile thereof — at ease in narrow confines and with a weakness for Wild Turkey straight out of the bottle you are welcome to look around here.  Bless you.

New poems/stories online at:


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Hobo Clown and Deaf Old Fire Eater on Subway

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  1. I just read your poems in the new issue of Rat’s Ass Review. Nice to connect with you after many years (30 about not in touch). We corresponded in the 90s. But then I got divorced from my Korean wife, and I moved abroad to England for fifteen years. Now I’m living in Evanston, Illinois, why, I am not sure. But there it is. I haven’t written about Korea since Lost in Seoul and After Asia, my travel memoir and poetry collection, respectively. I had a new book out earlier this year and another due out shortly. I hope all is well. Would love to know how you are in Pusan, where everything is fishy.